Professional Drum Lessons
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I use plenty of original material when I teach. I also use both traditional and modern drum books. They’re well-organized, readily available, and inexpensive. Although new students are only required to purchase a couple of books, I have an extensive library and select material from various titles as necessary.

With intermediate and advanced students, I occasionally use instructional DVDs featuring play-along audio tracks with accompanying drum charts. Working with tracks is a fun, convenient, and effective way for drummers to practice dozens of grooves in every conceivable style while playing with a contemporary rhythm section.

With more experienced players I like to focus on creative concepts. Consequently, lessons at this level typically involve much less written material.   

Below are some of the sources I work with. Of course, teaching primarily involves listening, observing, evaluating, demonstrating, and communicating, with equal parts patience and encouragement. No drum book or video can do that!

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